No Pants, No Problems

Unser zweites  Album „No Pants, No Problems“ erschien am 10.06.2016.

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    We Are

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    Stay the Night

    There was a place, where we belong.
    It‘s nothing left of our so called home.
    So we decided to go!
    Empty buildings, empty faces.
    I‘m searching traces, wherever I go
    and on, and on
    through the ice cold snow!

    I don’t want to stay the night,
    but I just want to make things right!
    Is there a place where we can hide tonight?

    This place has been drowned in fear.
    I can feel it in the atmosphere.
    There’s plunder and some other crime.
    No time!

    There’s no date worth waiting for.
    We‘ve been running fast from door to door!
    There are children waiting for the fight!

    Everyday we’re on a trip.
    We’ve been captured on a lousy ship.
    We where told to sit tight
    all night!

    Calling, waiting, searching all the time for you!
    Calling all the time, waiting through,
    searching all the time for (you)!
    I wanna go where you go,
    I wanna be where you are,
    I wanna stay where you stay,
    all night long!

    Is there no car, is there no train?
    No roof protecting us from rain?
    We‘re standing on the borderline,
    no sign!

    Uncertain is the future here,
    but my sorrows slowly disappear.
    I‘m holding on my dreams in life:

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    Ass Kissing Fairytale

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    Monday Sunday

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    Breath In

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  • 09

    Vicious Crown

  • 10

    Don't Be Afraid

  • 11

    Cult Of The Media